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Programmatic ads

Maximize your ad yield now!

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your website for effortless monetization. Plug & go.


Top-Notch CPMs

Experience the highest CPM rates. Yield Maximizer ads will maximize your ad earnings.

High Quality Ads

High Quality Ads

Display high-quality ads that enhance user experience and drive engagement. Minimum ad fatigue, maximum fill rate.

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

Stay informed and in control with our real-time dashboard, providing instant insights into your ad performance.

Ad Refresher

Ad Refresher

Utilize our ad refresher feature to keep content fresh and revenue flowing. Show more ads to the same traffic.

Ads Driven By Passion

Flexible layouts, and instant results! Choose a pre-built header or create a custom layout.

Video Ads

Autoplacement Banners

Prebid/Header Bidding

Interstitial Ads

Monetize Smarter, Not Harder

Multiple high-performing ad formats

Exclusive brand direct deals and PMP

Transform Your Traffic into Tangible Returns

Optimize<br>Ad Placement

Ad Placement

Experiment with different ad placements and formats to find the most effective combinations that drive the highest revenue without compromising user experience.

Diverse<br>Ad Sources

Ad Sources

Work with multiple ad networks, ad agencies, and DSPs to access a wider range of advertisers and increase competition for ad space, ultimately driving up CPM rates and revenue.

Comprehensive<br>Reporting and Insights

Reporting and Insights

Yield Maximizer can offer publishers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into ad performance, user behavior, and revenue trends.

Header Bidding<br>Integration

Header Bidding

Integrate header bidding technology into the ad serving process, allowing publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple demand partners simultaneously. Get higher CPMs and increased revenue.

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We have three projects with this template and that is because we love the design, the large number of possibilities.

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